Marine Essay Artworks

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Bettina Micallef

Have you ever watched crabs play hide and seek in rocks? You are likely to spot one! God forbid they go extinct! Their survival and that of other species depends on humans! Every single species is important! Together they form an eco-system. Taking care of endangered species will ensure biodiversity. This is important for food, medicines and people’s jobs! Too much building near the coast, overfishing, invasive species, plastics and climate change are all threats. Remember children can do their part! Avoid plastics ending up in the sea and when you spot a creature, observe its beauty but let it go!

Age: 8 years old

Jake Said

Għajn Tuffieħa offers amazing views of our coastline and it is a place that provides spectacular sights. In order to protect and preserve our marine habitat we need to reduce waste being disposed into the sea especially single use plastic. Healthy habitat and survival go hand in hand so we need to treat with great care. We encourage everyone to keep our beautiful beaches clean and participate in awareness campaigns and clean ups. Your little contribution means so much to the sea creatures. We all should be proud of the natural blessings we are surrounded with. Let’s all be responsible for our actions and protect the magnificent BLUE.

Age: 8 years old

Samuel Schiavone

Marine life needs to be safeguarded because the sea provides livelihood to millions of people:

• through generation of different jobs
• and as a means of transportation.

Therefore, sea helps the economy of a country. Furthermore, sea generates food security through proper fishing methods; fish provides essential nutrients in our diet. By protecting the sea humans will also protect underwater flora. This is essential since it provides food and shelter to various fish. Approximately 70% of sea water covers the Earth which shows its importance in the creation and sustainability of life including human lives therefore it must be well-preserved.

Age: 9 years old

Aaron Cassar Ciappara

We should protect our beautiful marine habitats because they are one of a kind and need to be taken care of. People just throw their garbage in the sea without thinking about it. We also need to think about the animals that live there, it would ruin their home and it is not fair. Thats why I think we should protect our marine habitats. If we ruin them, then we would loss a lot of our fish and if we don't have fish we can't eat it and we would loss a lot of Omega 3 and Viteman D and B2.

Age: 14 years old