360° Blue is a national educational and awareness-building initiative around the marine environment, with a focus on Malta’s seas.

Through a series of activities carried out in collaboration with local stakeholders including private sector, NGOs, educational entities and associations the initiative aims to harbour environmentally conscientious citizens, that utilise and consider our marine environment as an asset that protects and benefits society.

It also aims to bring marine education and awareness to different vulnerable groups in society.

The partnership between the entities from different backgrounds towards a common educational goal fosters a spirit of collaboration, which makes this initiative unique.



360° Blue mission is to bring marine education to Maltese society, through a series of activities executed by a partnership of key stakeholders, reaching all sectors in society.



360° Blue vision is to improve knowledge on the Maltese marine envrionment in all sectors of society in Malta, harbouring environmentally conscientious citizens and acting as an enabler for sustainable development in Malta.


24th June, 2021

Marine Exhibition



20th November, 2020

Sea Activity

MFOPD | AquaBioTech Group


16th November, 2020

Marine Essay Competition

HSBC Malta Foundation | AquaBioTech Group



AquaBioTech Group logo
AquaBioTech Group

AquaBioTech Group is an international consulting company located on the island of Malta, operating globally with clients and projects in over fifty-five countries. The company undertakes a variety of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic environmental projects through its regional offices and selected partners throughout the world. The work carried out encompasses aquaculture developments, environmental surveying, market research and project feasibility, research and development, technology sourcing and technical support and training.

mede logo
Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE)

The Science Centre within MEDE coordinates curriculum development and implementation related to STEM areas and also Education for Sustainable Development and Global Education. Schools and educators are supported to facilitate student-centred learning opportunities that nurture the necessary skills and competences towards the development of knowledgeable, responsible, employable and citizens.

uom logo
University of Malta

UM is the leading higher education institution in Malta and its structures are in line with the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education area. It traces its origins to the founding of the Collegium Melitense which was set up through direct papal intervention on 12 November 1592 and it hosts a total alumni population of over 12,000 students.

hsbc logo
HSBC Malta Foundation

HSBC Malta Foundation aims to improve the quality of life and education for children, especially those disadvantaged, to promote and work towards a more sustainable environment and to preserve Malta’s rich and unique historical heritage.

zibel logo

To tackle the waste problem Zibel collaborates with public and private organisations to implement solutions and spread awareness on waste. The primary focus of the NGO is marine debris, especially due to Malta's geographical location and its natural characteristics.

inspire logo

Inspire is a voluntary organisation specializing in the educational, therapeutic, social and recreational needs of persons with disabilities, focusing on their potential and ability. Inspire draws on many years of experience working in this field and prides itself on its mission which is to help every person with a disability achieve equality and inclusion.

esplora logo

Esplora offers visitors an opportunity to discover and appreciate science at their own pace through a series of hands-on experiences and phenomena-related exhibits. In this way, the importance of the scientific processes is communicated through questioning, predicting, experimenting, analysing and making conclusions.

mfopd logo
Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability

It was founded 50 years ago with the aim to bring together associations working on voluntary basis in the disability sector to promote and raise awareness about the different disabilities. MFOPD is the national umbrella organisation for the disability sector and represents Malta at EU and Commonwealth fora.

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